HHCP Flowers

Put on your spacesuits and buckle up! Rare and extra strong HHCP flowers have appeared among the space flora! They come from popular varieties of organic technical cannabis and contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes you're used to. The secret to their potency lies in the HHCP distillate that the Cannastra team has evenly applied to them.

Flower potency ranges from 6-15%. Prepare for a stellar explosion, dark energy expanding the universe, a wormhole transit and electromagnetic gamma rays.

This is a stellar selection from our Cannastra range:

  • Flower Supernova (Northern Lights variety) 6% HHCP
  • Flower Dark Energy (variety Girl Scout Cookies) 9% HHCP
  • Flower Wormhole Jump (Lemon Haze variety) 12% HHCP
  • Flower Gamma Ray (Purple Haze variety) 15% HHCP

Captain's tip: As always, we advise less experienced astronauts to focus on lower concentrations of HHCP.

If you want to learn more about the cannabinoid HHC-P, feel free to browse through the articles on our blog.