HHCP Cartridges and batteries

Want to pack something "edgier" than the HHC for your space travels? Explore our range of cartridges with HHCP distillate and natural terpenes. HHCP at 10% strength is the promise of new otherworldly adventures. Raspberry Space Race, Spirit of the Woods, Lemon Star Cruise, Mango Exploration… The choice of flavors will make your head spin!

The cartridges are 1ml, standard thread type 510 and contain the permitted amount of THC (less than 0.2%), so you will have no problems with them in most galaxies.

But beware, for vaping, only the cartridge is not enough for you, don't forget to buy a battery (vaporizing pen) for your equipment before the trip. You can get batteries with a capacity from 350 to 1100 mAh. Experienced astronauts already know that the higher the capacity, the longer the battery life. You can choose from a variety color variants. In our arsenal you will also find adjustable batteries, for which it is possible to adjust the output voltage for liquid evaporation, thereby influencing the performance of the device. The batteries can be recharged, usually via a micro-USB port, so you can take them with you on long missions with an unknown return date.

No complicated settings, you can handle the operation even during the launch of the rocket! Simply screw the cartridge onto the battery and activate it either by quickly pressing the button or by inhaling.

Tip for the whole crew: All Cannastra cartridges and batteries in menu are compatible with each other, so don't be afraid to experiment with flavors and cannabinoids.