CBG and CBG9: From protostar to white dwarf

CBG and CBG9: From protostar to white dwarf

Think of CBG as a protostar, the building block of many other cannabinoids yet to be discovered. The protostar collapses under its own gravity, initiates nuclear fusion, sheds its outer layers, and is left with a dense core that transforms into a new object, a white dwarf. That dwarf is CBG9, a cannabinoid that emerged from CBG and is a newcomer to the cannabis empire. In this article, we will look at the differences between these two compounds and reveal their therapeutic possibilities.

Spiral galaxies

HHCH: Structure, effects, risks and intergalactic comparison with THCJD and THCB

Space sensors have detected the presence of the compound HHCH in the cannabis galaxy. Wondering what HHCH is, where it came from, what its effects and risks are? And how does it compare to the cannabinoids THCJD and THCB? The antennas and probes have already collected some data and we'll take a look together at what we know about HHCH so far.

Cannabidiol CBDP as a phytocannabinoid from outer space

Space Mission: what is CBDP, how is it made and what are its effects?

Space radars are once again reporting a new body, the cannabinoid CBDP, which has only recently been discovered by Italian scientists in 2019. On this mission, we will try to discover what effects CBDP can offer, exploring its therapeutic potential and side effects. What is the terrestrial offer of CBDP products? Astronauts, fasten your seatbelts, we're off!

THCJD - a new cannabinoid on the market

THCJD: structure, effects, legality

Every now and then, astronauts heading to distant planets, stars and galaxies discover something that surprises them. A star that shines brighter than the others, a new planet, an unknown object. The cannabinoid THCJD is one such object that is not yet well known. It's a source of curiosity among explorers, but also of questions. Let's answer some of them.

Comparison of CB9, HHC and H4CBD

What is CB9? Origin, effects and intergalactic comparison with other cannabinoids

Reporting again from the CBD galaxy. A new body called CB9 has just appeared and joined the hemp system. Where did it come from? What is it? Throw on your spacesuits and get ready for a journey into space where we'll reveal what CB9 is, its origins, effects, properties and intergalactic comparisons of CB9, HHC and H4CBD. Initial reports suggest it has psychoactive properties. Will you fly with us to find out?

HHC flower

How to choose the best HHC flowers?

HHC flowers of different sizes, scents and colours have appeared on your planet, but you don't know the difference between them and which ones are right for you? In the following article, we will advise you on what to look for when choosing so that you can enjoy not only cosmically beautiful flowers, but also quality ones.

Space travel: what is H4CBD? Production, possible positive and side effects, H4CBD vs. CBD and product offerings

Space travel: what is H4CBD? Production, possible positive and side effects, H4CBD vs. CBD and product offerings

The CBD galaxy has picked up a new object on its space radar that bears a striking resemblance to the CBD. Have you heard of the cannabinoid H4CBD? Some astronauts suggest it has psychoactive properties. On this space mission, we'll explore what H4CBD is, how it's made, what its effects are. Wondering what the differences are between H4CBD and CBD, and what H4CBD products are available? Let's probe.