About us

Are you on an HHC space exploration? Then turn off your engines, you've just landed! On Cannastra Base, you'll find friendly entities that don't need a translator to understand you. Our tastes are no different from yours: we can turn sightseeing trips to fruit planets into flowers, oils, drops and gummies or vaping kits. We can juggle raspberries and lemons even in weightlessness. We research, tune, manufacture and offer HHC in controlled form to all adult astronauts.

Under the Czech stars

We didn't fall from Mars: everything we offer grew, blossomed and matured under the Czech sun and gained strength under our stars. And all the work in the lab is also local, subject to strict Czech regulations, in short: Cannastra is at home here.

We fly responsibly

The varieties of cannabis we use have been carefully selected and grown so that the final product matches our requirements and your wishes exactly.

We think of you, think of you

HHC is an incredibly interesting universe that attracts a lot of enthusiastic explorers. At Cannastra, we do everything we can to make sure you know exactly what you're buying from us: our products are always clearly and comprehensibly labelled. We will never sell them to you if you are under 18 years of age. But remember that you have to treat HHC and other cannabis products responsibly yourself. Research should be done with care and new galaxies should be discovered with caution.

Cannastra base: a safe landing

Are you flying in percentages and don't know what to choose? No matter, that's what our base is for, with an experienced team of specialists. We will be your Houston! Contact office@cannastra.com or use our web form. We'll get back to you before the Earth turns on its axis.